The Valmarana family has very ancient origins: we find the first written sources in 1174 when a member of the family is cited as archdeacon of the Vicenza Cathedral; in 1260 Bonazonta is considered “homo molto amato dal popolo” (a man very much liked by his people) and  Bugarando, one of the most powerful  enemy of the tyrant Ezzelino da Romano. Around 1300 the family splits in three branches: the Villa ai nani was bought by the S. Faustino branch to which it still belongs.

Major works were done by the great architect Andrea Palladio for the Valmarana family. Further, around 1561 thanks to their support, he would be commissioned the reconstrucion of the Basilica in piazza dei Signori in Vicenza and 5 years later (1566) he will be entrusted by Leonardo Valmarana to design his palace in  Corso Fogazzaro. 

The grand Cappella Valmarana in the cript of the Church of Santa Corona is also by Palladio while it is only attributed to him the Loggia Valmarana in the Porta Castello garden.

From the '800 to Present Days

The Valmaranas have been academics and public figures showing liberality, administrative and social responsibility where they owed their villas and palaces. It was one of the most important family of the town, as a number of monuments with their names testify, intertwined by marriage with the Piovene, Fogazzaro and Roi, to the di Thiene.  

Gaetano Valmarana (1803 – 1874) was Podestà and Provincial Deputy; Giustino (1849 – 1873) in his very short life was member of the City and of the Municipal Council. His son Angelo (1874 – 1915) was an enlightened Mayor of Vicenza: a whole book contains the condolences for his premature death.

Coming to our days,  Giustino Valmarana, owner of the Foresteria, was a Senator for the Christian Democratic Party from 1946 to 1963 and member of the European Parliament. He managed to prevent, together with the Minister Bottai, that the frescoes of the Villa would be pulled out to be sent to the Italian Embassy of Paris according to Mussolini’s wishes. His son Angelo (1925 - 2004) was throughout the years enlightened owner of the Foresteria.

Tommaso Valmarana (1909 – 1991), owner of the Palazzina, was a notary in Vicenza, a man with social and professional responsibilities and a great sport supporter.  His wife Maria Sofia, who died in 2015, was the acute and intelligent guardian of the Palazzina for over fifty years.