PRNN: Historic Gardens and Parks

Restoration of the Historical Park of Villa Valmarana ai Nani

In 2022 Villa Valmarana submitted a project for a European Tender and obtained funding to renovate the Historic Garden.

The Wood and the ancient Terraces, currently not open to visitors, will be restored and enhanced. While, the the Entrance Park, the Giardino all'Italiana and the Back Park, currently open to the public, will be enriched and perfected.

A Brief History of the Park

Villa Valmarana was built around the second half of the 17th century and a map by the architect Muttoni from 1701 testifies that the Villa was surrounded by gardens. In the second half of the 18th century, while the Tiepolos were frescoing the romms, the garden already had an orderly design with statues, water features, avenues and sloping terraces. Elena Garzadori, Giustino Valmarana's wife, has rearranged the garden in the 1785 with numerous statues, including "the Dwarfs" on the external wall.
The park is truly one with the Villa, making the natural and the artificial inseparable. A place where the stories of the Dwarfs and the Water Lilies intertwine with the exotic taste of the garden and the wood with the pavilion that recalls the chinese Pagoda.

Targets of the Tender

- Increment management, maintenance, safety and reception standards.

- Contribute to the improvement of the cultural offer and services, as well as the quality of life of citizens.

- Promote the development of ecosystem functions with direct and positive environmental effects.

- Strengthen and disseminate scientific, technical, botanical and environmental knowledge.

Ranking List

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Opening Times

You can find the opening times of the Villa and Park on this page of the website

The PDF shows only the guaranteed dates due to the obligation to the tender.

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