Stories crossed with the Villa: the characters, the events and the artists who made it famous.


The guided tour of the Villa is a unique experience that fascinates and amazes. From the legend of Princess Layana to the visit of Goethe, the secrets and the amazing and bucolic scenarios are revealed.

Visits are available every day on request by booking through our booking system.

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Guided tour in Italian
(up to 30 people)


110 €


Guided tour in English, French, Spanish and German
(up to 30 people)



130 €


Guided tour with the owners
(up to 30 people)


200 €





  • The duration of the guided tour is 1:15 h.
  • The price of the guided tour is to be understood as a supplement on that of the entrance ticket.
  • For information on the tickets price check this page.
  • Please note that for a group over 30 people, a second guide is required.
  • The service will be confirmed on a check availability of the guide for the required time.

The guided tour taking place every Sunday at 10.30 a.m. is only in Italian.

Please go to the Italian version of this website for all details.