Ali, Tiepolo’s black servant - Guest house

One of the goals of the company Villa Valmarana s.r.l. – set up in 2005 – was to widen the services the Villa can offer. All income gained is reinvested in the maintenance of the estate. Villa Valmarana offers to his guests magic moments in the rose garden, as well as a very special and exclusive cultural experience. To have lunch or dinner surrounded by Tiepolo’s frescoes is unique and unforgettable. Only in the Villa Valmarana the art of the father and that of the son are clearly recognizable in their differences. We work with both individuals and companies, offering – according to need – one, two or all the available spaces: Palazzina, Foresteria,  garden and park. For our guests, especially foreign visitors, we organize exclusive dinners. We also celebrate weddings, birthdays, special occasions. The possibility of moving from a space to the other, gives liveliness to the occasion. Companies and the Associations use in brother for these fees, the services and spaces offered to celebrate anniversaries and present their programmes, services and/or products to their special guests. We have also organized cultural initiatives aiming at enriching the city’s artistic events (theater performances, concerts, book presentations, projects for the schools).  Upon request, the Villa’s owners can show to the guests the Villa and its frescoes.


Ali, Tiepolo’s black servant – Guest house



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