Furious Orland’s Room by L. Ariosto

Furious Orland - Angelica and Medoro - Giambattista Tiepolo - Main House

Angelica, princess of Cathay, is tied at a cliff by pirates, to be devoured by a see monster; the knight Ruggero, on horseback of a hippogriph, comes down to rescue her; Angelica afterwards meets the Saracen soldier Medor and cures his thoracic haemorrhage; love is born between them, but poor as they are, they have to be rescued in a peasants’ house; in taking leave they thank the two peasants, giving them as present the ring that Orland had offered to Angelica as a token of his love (the characters of the two peasants are by Giandomenico). On the last wall Angelica engraves Medor’s name on the tree. On the ceiling Cupid blindfolded drives a chariot among clouds: it is an allegory of the loving passion, that, blind, determines human behaviour.

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