Central Hall

Ifigenia - Giambattista Tiepolo - Main House

Ifigenia – Giambattista Tiepolo – Main House

Iphigenia’s Sacrifice is illustrated in three-dimensional vision: at the centre the priest Calcante is about to kill the young Iphigenia. All the onlookers lift their glance, because miraculously, over a vaporous cloud, two cupids carry a deer, that will by sacrificed in the place of Iphigenia. On the right wall Agamemnon covers his face so as not to see his daughter’s killing. On one side of the ceiling Diana with her nymphs sends the rescuer deer. On the other side Eolus, god of the winds, blows a breath, so that the fleet can sail. On the other wall weapons and foodstuffs are being prepared for the expedition and the departure towards Troy. From the framing a main character stands out (perhaps Giustino Valmarana) that, touched, follows the tragedy that takes place on the altar of the sacrifice. Very interesting is the dog that greets his owner (perhaps Ulysses’). Above the doors there are the personifications in monochrome of the world’s four most important rivers, as known in 1700.

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