Eneid’s Room by Virgil

Eneid - Didone and Enea - Giambattista Tiepolo - Main House

Eneid – Didone and Enea – Giambattista Tiepolo – Main House

Venus, goddess of love, appears to her son Enea and his companion Acate, disembarked, after a storm on the African coasts and immediately moves away taking Ascanio with her. Cupid embodies in Iulus, who, together with his father, is regally welcomed by Dido: between the two, love is born; on the other wall there is Mercury with winged feet, who, as messenger of the Gods, introduces himself to Enea, ordering him to leave Carthage and to carry on his journey towards Latium. From Iulus, that will marry Lavinia, will descend the “gens iulia” (Julius Caesar and the great-grandson Augustus). So the Romans will descend from the Trojans and their birth will have royal and divine origins; in chiaroscuro is represented Vulcan, god of fire; in his forge he is supervising the works of his blacksmiths that are moulding the weapons for Enea, at the presence of Venus. On the ceiling, partially destroyed by a bombardment of the town of Vicenza in 1944, is represented Venus’ triumph.

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