The Countryside Room

The countrymen - Giandomenico Tiepolo - Guest House

The countrymen – Giandomenico Tiepolo – Guest House

In this room Giandomenico changes style: what interests him here is the Venetian countryside world, scenes of an sultry sunny day, bleaching the trees’foliage.
On a wall a family eats his rustic meal: an enormous “polenta” dominates the white cloth, the father eats holding his son on his lap, while a woman eats her meal with the plate on her big stomach. On the opposite side two women and a girl go to the market: they are all dressed up, wear a hat and high-heeled shoes rather than the worn-out slippers of the precedent scene; a hen’s head sticks out from a basket. On the other side of the same wall an old woman, now resting under a tree’s shadow, goes to town to sell her eggs. While recovering her strength, she says the rosary.

The fresco on the opposite wall shows an imaginary landscape.

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