The Chinese Room

Chinoiserie - Giandomenico Tiepolo - Guest House

Chinoiserie – Giandomenico Tiepolo – Guest House

The pictures are an extravagant evocation of China, which had just become fashionable in Venice with the “Turandot” by Carlo Gozzi. The worship of a moon-light goddess, the purchase of spices and of precious fabrics, are the simple pretexts to show all those goods that, since the times of Marco Polo, were shipped into Venice. The artist, who never visited the Celestial Empire, after attending the theatre works and after the likely reading of the “récits de voyage”, must conclude that it is an extraordinary country, where very peculiar animals, insects of enormous size, unthinkable vegetables live. The Pine-tree gives a special emotion; the fact that it is painted out of its frame, gives the room a three-dimensional effect.

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