Women to the market - Giandomenico Tiepolo - Guest house

In the Villa Valmarana the Tiepolos split-up among them the rooms: the father frescoes the Palazzina and the son the Foresteria; in some occasions they work together. In the Palazzina, upon the suggestion of Giustino Valmarana, Giambattista in his fullest artistic maturity, works on the great epic themes, choosing when possible sentimental episodes: Eneid, Ariosto’s Furious Orland, Tasso’s Liberated Jerusalem and the Sacrifice of Iphigenia, the grand fresco occupying the whole main room.

In the Foresteria, Giandomenico fully expresses his art, completely different from that of his father. He frescoes the Chinese Room, the Peasant’s Room; the Seasons Room, the Carnival Room.

The Olympus Gods’ Room, with the famous Venus, is painted by Giambattista.

See the essay (in Italian) by Maria Elisa Avagnina on Villa Valmarana ai Nani in the volume: nov 1, 2014 – Tiepolo Le ville vicentine, di Maria Elisa Avagnina, Fernando Rigon, Remo Schiavo, Electa, 1990.

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